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We are UK Manufacturers & Retailers of Luxurious Microwave Wheat Bags

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The Cotton Velvet Cushions that benefit all the family for HOT THERAPEUTIC CONDITIONS, and COLD to reduce SWELLINGS, safer than the traditional HOT WATER BOTTLE.

We are a member of the UK's Guild of Master Craftsmen. They provide consumers details of reputable professionals who are masters of their particular trade. As such you can order from us with confidence, quality assured. 


We have over 2000 unique visitors to our website every week. Why not join all those who ease their pains without using prescription drugs or other medication, or even Medical-marijuana. Check out our testimonials from numerous satisfied customers. You can buy in confidence with no risk.

As upsetting as it sounds "the billion dollar "pharmaceutical companies " are profiting greatly from your pain "Every single medication' painkiller or supplement you take helps fund their lavish lifestyles and fast cars. Don't use drugs use Lavender wheat bags, they are made with the finest whole grain wheat lavender flowers & cotton velvet. Use HOT or COLD. 1000's sold to date full details on our main website or USA $ go to

The Designs here shaped to target areas of pain - all the cushions aid relaxation, stress and pain relief for all the family and pets.

Having been established since 1997, we have used our experience with wheat bags and natural healing, to put together wonderful, locally sourced British ingredients to create our range of luxuriously soft and scented wheat bags.

We have gone further by designing different designs that mould to your body contours to give immediate relief and comfort.

With our lavender wheat cushions, we've combined lavender, renowned for its relaxing properties, and whole wheat grains used for therapeutic purposes for hundreds of years, into a soft cotton velvet bag that can be used hot or cold:

Used cold: straight from the freezer. Used in this way the wheat bags decrease the blood flow to the area, easing pain and encouraging healing. The cushions help reduce swelling and inflammation, relieving migraines and ease the pain of sports and other injuries.

Used hot: straight out of the microwave oven or another heat source, the cushions radiate long-lasting heat that helps to ease cramps, wonderful for arthritis and joint stiffness. The wheat bags are for all aches and pains, even to relax muscles before exercising.

Wheat Bags For All Over Body Pain ReliefPain Relievers STACKNO2

Pain relief for the entire body...

Using cold and hot compresses has long been an established method to ease aches and pains. Our wheat bag range has been designed for maximum comfort and control when using in any area of the body.

Whilst some have been designed for specific area's, others have been made to be overall versatile cushions, such as the large multipurpose and the wonderful square cushion.


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Custom Order Requests

From time to time customers have requested a bespoke cushion, maybe a larger version, or not so long, or maybe wider than our current cushion range and/or a customised cushion for a specific part of the body.

We are interested to receive your enquiries for a cushion to meet your specific requirements and look forward to hearing from you.

Please complete the form on our contact page and we will get back to you with more information.

If in doubt just ask.

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Local Community & NHS Magazines

We are pleased to advise that Cosy Cushions (a Trade Name of Pain Relief Cushions) is currently advertising in the following magazines.

Community Care Guide a guide to community services and information: available in Middlesex and Northern Ireland (advert on page 7)

Inside page A5 advert IN:-

YOUR CARE - your guide to care for the elderly and less able Area covered - London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames

East Sussex Healthcare NHS - Conquest Hospital - Bexhill Hospital - Rye Hospital - Uckfield Hospital - Crowborough Hospital - Lewes Hospital and Eastbourne Hospital

North Middlesex University Hospital - Crime Prevention & Personal Safety

If you are interested in receiving any of these magazines, please contact us and we will be pleased to send you further details.


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