Heat therapy using natural wheat hotpacks

Heat is a great method of providing immediate relief from sore, stiff and tight muscles and joints. Heat therapy induces vasodilatation: drawing blood into the affected area tissues. Increased blood flow delivers much needed oxygen and nutrients. Heat from our hotpacks decreases muscle spasm, relaxes tense muscles, relieves pain, and can increase range of motion.

After placing the wheat bag in the microwave or other heat source to attain a moderate heat, apply to the affected area for 15 to 20 minutes at a time.

There is also no risk of leaks as with hot water bottles and gel packs or of shocks as with electrical heating pad methods.

Here at natural wheat bags we only use natural ingredients in our heat therapy pads. Specially sourced lavender flowers, wheat and velvet combine to give effective pain relief with the added benefit of relaxing aromatic lavender scent when the packs heated.

Heat however, should not be used on areas of bruising or inflammation. For these injuries, read how to use our wheaty warmers for cold therapy.