Neck Strain - Causes, Symptoms and Neck Strain Pain Relief:

What Is Neck Strain... ?

Sprains and strains are soft tissue injuries. A strain affects muscles and tendons, while sprains affect ligaments. While these soft tissues provide reinforcement of the cervical vertebrae, they can be stressed and forced to the point of injury. Excessive flexion (bending forward) and extension (stretching out) activities, especially when combined with poor posture and movement mechanics, will lead to injury.
Causes include; car accidents, a blow to the head and excessive strain of the upper back or shoulder.

Neck Strain Symptoms include:

There is usually pain and tenderness around the muscles or ligaments that are injured. The affected muscles may also tighten up to protect the injured area. People with just neck strains sometimes also complain of:

Neck pain, especially in the back of the neck, that gets worse with movement
Shoulder pain and muscle spasms
Trouble concentrating
Sore throat
Stiffness and difficulty moving the head
Tingling sensations or weakness in the arms
Headache, especially in the back of the head
Difficulty sleeping

Relieving Neck Strain pain using Pain Relief Cushions...

Using our cushions cold is good not only for relieving Neck Strain pain, but applying the cold cushion to the affected area of the neck for 15-20 minutes, 4 times a day for 2 to 3 days will help reduce pain immediately and takes down swelling as it slows circulation reducing inflammation, muscle spasm, and pain.
Couple the initial use of the cold cushions until the swelling has subsided with heat. This helps loosen tight or injured muscles and draws blood into the target tissues. Increased blood flow delivers needed oxygen and nutrients, and removes cell wastes. Though only apply a heat pack after any swelling has gone away.

Most symptoms will resolve in four to six weeks. A severe injury, such as might be sustained in a motor vehicle accident, may take longer to heal completely. As always, see a physician if you experience a sever neck injury.

Many of our cushions are ideal for Neck pain relief, such as;

Neck Strain Pain ReliefThe 'Combination' cushion is ideal for neck strain and sprains as it covers around the neck fully. It also covers the upper back or shoulder areas - ideal for neck strain pain relief.
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Neck Strain Pain ReliefThe 'Shoulder Cushion' is again ideal for neck strain pain relief. This cushion is weighted and designed perfectly to fit over the shoulders, around the neck, to deliver effective pain relief.
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