Sports therapy packs

How wheat therapy can help sports injuries...

All the sizes and shapes of pads / packs made of the beautiful cotton velvet from the British Velvet Company give gentle penetrating heat that goes deep into the muscles and the same one can be frozen in the freezer to treat many of the injuries received from playing sports and used as a hot / cold application.

Keeping a sports wheat pack in the freezer is one way to insure that any injury received which causes swelling can be treated immediately. Also useful where children are at play.

Any part of the body can receive muscle damage, being pulled, stretched and over worked. The Large Pack is approximately 13" x 7" and is very handy for that unexpected injury.

For neck injuries, the horseshoe fits snuggle round the neck, hands free. Muscle Cramps or Spasms can occur when you have overused the muscle, can also be a pinched nerve. For muscle soreness, these packs can be used hot or cold for immediate relief. Switched from heat to cold to open and close the blood vessels flushing lactic acid, which causes muscle soreness, can be effective therapy for sports injuries. When muscles are tight and stiff use the warmth to relax the muscles, as the heat increases the circulation. Spasm knots occur when your muscle suddenly contracts or shortens, producing immediate and intense pain.