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Richard Downer,  Polegate Postman for 27 years told me He suffered from a slipped disc in his lower back. His four week recovery was greatly helped as after his prescribed regular walks, initially once an hour. He applied the cold cushion to his back as soon as he got home and at this really soothed his back  and aided his recovery.   As he has two he can alternate them to keep them really cold.

Robert Adams a Remedial Massage Sports and Manipulative Therapist, Health Kinesiologist  told me he has been getting cushions from Therapeutic Cushions  now Pain  Relief Cushions for many years and his patients and he has found them most helpful and comforting, especially the  ‘Horseshoe and Shoulder cushions. In fact when a patient has come along with a neck problem he will now always finish off the treatment with five minutes with the neck cushion as it helps the muscles to relax and adjust before leaving him.


Reviewed on our Etsy Store - by Laura Crosland on 12 February 2016

Daddy Wheat Bag

5 out of 5 stars

I love my wheat bag/pillow it's so well made and smells amazing and a very lovely pink velvet fabric. I have Cfs/me so I get all sorts of aches and pains and have been looking for a big one for so long and finally found the big daddy of which I couldn't be happier... :) super fast delivery and great info sent with my parcel and a + I didn't know it could be put in the freezer for cold uses that will be fab in the summer ! thanks guys so so much fabulous product cheers from Laura ❤

Rachel Cope Melksham Wiltshire August 2015

Just wanted to thank you for sending my new pain relief cushion so promptly. I ordered it yesterday and it had arrived by lunchtime. I cannot fault your customer service with the speed of delivery and the freezer bag and detailed information about the bag.

It is the third bag I have had from you. I believe I found your website through a search several years ago. I wore the first one out and my husband bought me another one at Christmas time. It has had so much use, particularly to relieve the stiffness in my lower back first thing in the morning.

At present I am experiencing unexplained and excruciating pain which is being investigated and the heated bag has been such a source of relief so I decided to order another one so I can relieve two areas at once or leave one at work so I am never without pain relief if I need it.

I cannot express enough how wonderful the pain relief cushions are and I look forward to using them for many years to come.


Recent Wheat Cushion Testimonials from our Etsy Store  https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/PainReliefCushions

SunShineShantell on 22 July, 2015
Combination Wheat Bag & Wonderful Square Wheat Bag

Absolutely fantastic! Perfect for pain relief for multiple issues for neck, shoulders and upper back. I'm very happy with my order and this seller! Came well packaged and arrived very quickly! The materials are of excellent quality! Highly recommended!!I will be purchasing from this seller again! 5 stars ++++

SunShineShantell on 14 July, 2015
Large Multipurpose

Absolutely fantastic item! This is my go to bag for my pain. Lovely scented with lavender (at my choice) and the materials are high quality. Seller was very nice and friendly. Will be ordering again! 5 star +++++++++

Lovely Long Wheat Bag

Absolutely fantastic! I love it so much as there's so many ways to use it and the lavender scent is lovely! 5 star+++++++++
Corinda Daw on 23 June, 2015
Soothing Shoulder
Lovely item, works like a dream to soothe my neck pain.

Peter Western Haywards Heath UK January 2015 -

I had been suffering with severe pain in my right knee for several days over Christmas 2014 and could not see my GP until after the holidays. Having tried strong pain killers I had been prescribed before I tried to ease the pain with them, but it only had limited relief. I then decided to use my Large Multipurpose Wheat Bag from Pain Relief Cushions. The relief was instant and I continued to use it (heated in the microwave for 2 minutes) several times a day whilst the discomfort continued. My GP was undecided as to the problem with my knee but the symptoms are similar to fibromyalgia. When I did get to see him, he had heard of wheat cushions and recommended I use a heated cushion when ever I needed as well as taking effervescent Co-codamol and Ibuprofen for the inflammation. I can personally recommend using these wheat cushions and indeed my need to continue with the medication tapered off considerably.


Mr. D Mackenzie from Ross-shire Scotland -

I bought to relieve pain uses for shoulder and back pain. A soothing form of treatment. I prefer it to heat lamps and is ideal prior to exercise. I think the present choice of designs pretty good I do recommend them because - I have found the cushion more effective than other forms of heat treatment’ ‘ simple to use, conveniently shaped and is the means of the progressive alleviation of pain’.
(1st ordered 2003-re-ordered 25/1/05)


Miss J Morton Eastbourne -

I like mine so much I told everyone and they love them found useful. They take them everywhere with them, work etc., the smell really helps pain relief. They are value for money and they work.


Mrs. N Bolingbroke from Peacehaven -

‘I used it on my back hot it was very comforting’. What particularly appeals ‘It moulds into the your shape’ not rubbery like a water bottle’ ‘They are very safe to use’.

Mr. D G Cox from Surrey -

For Osteo Arthritis use the cushions to relief pain and aches. I have four different cushions they work to sum up excellent! Very easy to use, with good results. Thank you.
(1st ordered 1999, re-ordered 31/3/02)


Ms Prangnell from Shepperton -

Says it is a ‘Lifesaver!’ Uses across the neck, along the back - I have used it to soothe a sore throat also my children use it for tummy aches! She says she would recommend a Therapeutic Cushion to everyone - because ‘they work’ Summing up she says - ‘A brilliant and flexible heated pillow that give a deep and therapeutic warmth straight t the place you need it most’.


Mrs. F M Caunter from Worthing -

Recommended from friend, I had such relief using them, used for severe back pain - arthritis and pain in shoulders. I find the covering very cosy and the smell soothing. They always give relief from pain. I recommend the cushions because they really do give relief and comfort from pain - they really do work!

Mr. S Rawlinson from Littleborough -

Has Arthritis uses for pain relief - he recommends them and says ‘as an arthritis sufferer I know first hand of the quick relief obtainable’.


Mrs. Mary Hall from Gillingham, Kent -

For ‘Stiff neck and shoulders (computer screen-neck), headaches and Menstrual cramps’..... ‘Warmth & comfort when feeling below par’.... ‘Love it, so comforting, better than a hot water bottle. They are so very relaxing, gets right to the spot. Particularly likes ‘Quality of fabric used - a luxurious treat. ‘It’s better than taking medication.’