Wheat Bags

Lavender wheat bags made with the finest whole grain wheat, lavender flowers and cotton velvet. Designed, manufactured and distributed within the UK. Orders are sent out within 24 hours of order, gift wrapped with care instructions and a freezer bag for cold applications. 


Wonderful Square

Square Wheat Cushion

Price: £22.49

Square Cushion Information 

Soothing Shoulder

Shoulder Wheat Cushion

Price: £21.99

Shoulder Cushion Information 

Large Multipurpose

Large Wheat Cushion

Price: £19.99

Large Cushion Information 

Lovely Long

Long Wheat Pillow

Price: £20.99

  Long Cushion Information

Horseshoe Neck

Horseshoe Wheat Pillow

Price: £21.49

Horseshoe Cushion Information 

Daddy Cushion

The Daddy Wheat Cushion

Price: £28.49

Daddy Cushion Information

Fabulous Face

Face Wheat Cushions 

Price: £13.99

Face Cushion Information

Essential Eye

Eye Wheat Pillows

Price: £12.99 

Eye Cushion Information

Cool Computer

Computer Wheat Cushions

Price: £17.49

Computer Cushion Information


Dainty Dolly

Dolly Pillow 

Price: £16.99

Dolly Cushion Information

Combination Cushion

Combination Wheat Cushions

Price: £28.49 

Combination Cushion Information

New for 2016 T Wheat CushionT Wheat Cushion

T Wheat Cushions

Price: £30.50

T Wheat Cushion Information