Whiplash Pain Relief, Causes and Symptoms

What is Whiplash?

Whiplash is a soft tissue injury to the neck and is also referred to as sprain or neck strain. It is characterised by a collection of symptoms that occur following damage to the neck, usually because of sudden extension and flexion. The disorder commonly occurs as the result of an automobile accident and may include injury to intervertebral joints, discs, and ligaments, cervical muscles, and nerve roots.

Symptoms of Whiplash:

Neck pain may be present directly after the injury or may be delayed for several days. In addition to neck pain, other symptoms may include:

Neck stiffness,
Injuries to the muscles and ligaments (myofascial injuries),
Abnormal sensations such as burning or prickling (paresthesias),
Shoulder Pain or
Back pain.

In addition, some people experience cognitive, somatic or psychological conditions such as memory loss, concentration impairment, nervousness/irritability, sleep disturbances, fatigue, or depression.

Pain Relief for Whiplash with Pain Relief Cushions...

Cold packs are very effective at reducing swelling and numbing pain. An injury swells because fluid leaks from blood vessels; cold causes vessels to constrict, reducing their tendency to ooze. The less fluid that leaks from blood vessels, the less swelling results. Cold also eases inflammation and muscle spasms, two common sources of pain.
The sooner you apply an ice pack to a sprain or strain, the sooner it can do its job reducing pain and swelling. Applying for periods of 20 minutes every two to four hours.
You should treat any new injury with cold for a couple of days before switching to heat. Once this is done, the heat relief can increase blood flow and help restore movement to injured tissue.

We have many cushions that are perfect for neck injuries, including whiplash pain:

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